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Toss the tapes and get ready for the Ultimate Offsite Storage Solution! Designed for the Organization that requires Enterprise Grade Security, Redundancy, Availability, and Scalability at Industry rattling low prices.

We have three Editions of DataVault available allowing Small Business users and now even Home to take advantage of the benefits a completely automated Ultra Secure off-site backup solution provides.

DataVault Standard Features

Multi-Platform Software Support - Our software is 100% compatible with: Microsoft Windows 98/ME/XP/NT/2000/2003, Linux (Most Common Distributions), and Apple MacOS X.

Military Grade Data Encryption - All data is encrypted (up to 448bit) before it leaves your workstation or server. This ensures that the only one that has access to your data is you.

Redundant Storage Subsystem - Our state of the art storage vaults can withstand Multiple simultaneous hardware failures without data loss. Achieving a higher level of fault tolerance than most mirrored array systems. Rest assured that your information will be available when you need it the most.

Dedicated Virtual Environment - While other backup systems and providers simply allocate you space on their existing storage arrays and servers. We understand the need for a greater level of privacy and security. Every DataVault account is setup in it's own Virtual Environment, giving you a higher level of security. Your information is completely isolated from others using the same vault. This means that if one of the users accessing the same vault is using another less secure protocol (option with Professional Edition). Your data is still 100% safe as the only environment/information accessible by that protocol is that users!

No overselling. Get what you pay for! - Overselling is a common practice used by alot of Internet Access Providers. They operate on a user-to-resource ratio. Most are able to offer what appears to be extremely cheap and competitive pricing because they bet on you not using all the space or resources advertised. If you do use all the resources advertised what generally happens is either you're asked to leave or you're simply unable to use all the resources you should because of limitations in their systems. With backup providers this is a dangerous position to be in. That's why at ByteFortress, overselling does not exist. You get exactly what you pay for.

In the United States alone there are over x million households with personal computers. As the capability of the personal computer increases, it's role in our life changes and we become more and more dependant on the information it stores for us and the tasks it handles for us. Many people keep important school and work projects on their personal Computers. Convert all their treasured memories into digital formats and store them on their computer and in many cases their personal computer is the center piece of their home entertainment.

So now that we've established the importance of the personal computer and the data we hold on it. What if you lost all that information? What steps are you taking to ensure your information is safe?

Problem Solved. I backup to CD and/or DVD.
Contrary to popular beliefs, CD and DVD discs do fail. Burglary, fires, and other natural disasters are all unfortunate but very much reality. In most cases you do not even expect these tragedies to occur so do not even think to take precaution and safeguard your information. There are also alot of things that cannot be replaced even with insurance.

How vulnerable is my data?

If you're not presently backing your data up to a secure/remote location, then the answer is very. Hard Drives will all eventually fail. They are electronic devices with small moving parts. They're simply not designed to operate forever. Because of the complexity of the devices and the variations in conditions and environments in which they operate. It's nearly impossible for a manufacturer or vendor to predict the life span. Realistically speaking, you could buy a computer tomorrow, and 6 months from now your hard drive can fail. While the vendor will likely replace the failed hardware, you've lost everything that you've accumulated in those 6 months. This is where our DataVault Product comes into play. With literally just a few mouse clicks your data can all be restored to the exact state prior to your hard drive failure.

Okay I'm interested. How much does it cost?
DataVault Home Edition was designed with the average Home consumer in mind. The plans and pricing were designed to allow the average consumer to take advantage of our service without breaking the bank. Please contact us above for pricing information.

Many small businesses have inadequate or non-existent backup & recovery solutions. The most common reasons are high costs related to purchasing the hardware & software, and contracting or hiring qualified personnel to manage the systems. However faced with the sometimes fatal ramifications from not having a disaster recovery solution in place. How can you afford not to safeguard your data?

Secure, Customizable and highly Scalable. Our DataVault Professional offers your business the best of everything. A Secure fully managed off-site/online backup and recovery solution designed for the Business consumer who demands Enterprise Grade Security and Reliability.

DataVault Professional Features

Multi-Node Support - Backup Mutliple Workstations and Servers to the same vault!

Unlimited Data Transfer - Back up your data as frequently as you want without any transfer limitations! This is useful if you want to take advantage of our continuous backup schema.

Customized and Competitive Pricing - The DataVault Professional Edition was designed for large operations with heavy Data Storage requirements. One of our experienced Data Architects will work with you in designing a customized backup storage solution. Because the Professional Edition is geared towards larger storage requirements, we're able to offer extreme competitive CPG (Cost Per Gigabyte) pricing.

Multi-Protocol Support - You can still take advantage of our Secure Environment and Fault Tolerance storage vaults even If you already have a customized backup software solution. The following protocols/services are available on demand: Windows/Samba, NFS, Rsync, and FTP.

Fully Managed Disaster and Recovery Solution - Our experienced staff is available and will work with you to plan an effective disaster recovery solution. In the event of a hardware failure, we manage the restore and recovery process from start to finish.

In our effort to provide you the most complete suite of disaster recovery solutions. We offer the DataVault Weekly DVD service that when combined with one of our above listed backup solutions can you provide a much more effective solution.

How does this work?
Your simply select the information you need to maintain weekly physical hard copies of (up to 4gb). Every week your data is downloaded by one our engineers, burned to a DVD disc and mailed to your location.

Why would I need to have physical in-house copies?
Depending on the nature of your business and what regulatory standards you have to follow. You may be required to keep certain records/data in-house and always physically accessible. Failure to produce this information can often mean heavy fines and/or civil/criminal prosecution.

Professional Products


Our Flagship backup service. Designed for the Organization that requires Enterprise Grade Security, Redundancy, Availability, and Scalability.


E-mail is the heart of your internet business. Add some redundancy and protect your information.


DNS Backup

Secure secondary DNS service for your domains. Ensure your domain & website are always available.


Media Dump

Affordable Ultra High-Speed Media & File Hosting & Distribution Services.

Hosted Development / Subversion Control

Secure Development/collaboration Environment. Dedicated Virtual Environment with Secure VPN Access with Host ACLs.

Home Products


A home variation of our Flagship Product - DataVault. Designed & Priced to allow the average home users the ability experience the benefits of Secure online backups.

BF-Net Drive

Need more space? No need to call the neighboor computer geek over to install a new hard drive for you. Get the extra storage you need instantly with our BF Net Drive Product - Secure, High Speed Remote Storage for your Windows Desktop. Mount & Access your storage as a Drive letter in your Windows Explorer!