The Bytefortress Difference

ByteFortress Technologies is a privately owned company that operates solely as a Online Mass Storage & Backup Solutions provider. We're not a webhosting company with a few extra celeron servers and hard drives or a consulting firm who as an after thought decided to offer storage on one of their file servers to clients as a "backup solution". We're a group of experienced IT professionals who have focused all of our energy and resources into developing one of the most advanced Data Storage infrastructures in existence.


ByteFortress Technologies provides secure and efficient networked remote backup / data protection and recovery solutions for organizations of all sizes.
We know that as your business grows, you're faced with additional file & data storage requirements, the need for more advanced security measures because of increased regulatory requirements, and limited IT resources. Our Fully managed solutions directly address these concerns.

Remote Backup Services

Protect the emails, documents and photos stored on your home computer in the event of a virus or hard drive failure with our Remote Backup services.

Why Bytefortress?

Accountability. 100% US Based Organization with a real "Brick & Mortar" presence. All ByteFortress Employees have undergone criminal background screening. Your data is safe in the "Fortress".

Enterprise Grade Security Policies. Up to 448bit Data Encryption. Secure Virtualization with Encrypted File Systems.

Scalability. No matter your needs, we've got a solution. Storage Vaults up to 14 Terabytes available. NAS & SAN Remote Backup Systems.

No Over-Selling. Overselling doesn't exist at ByteFortress. Fully utilize all purchased services and resources.


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